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Swimming 游泳
Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association 香港業餘游泳總會網頁
Hong Kong Swimming Coaches Association 香港游泳教練會網址
Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong 香港中華基督教青年會
傑仔之游泳池 包括香港泳界資料、消息、泳員介紹、選舉、個人評論及游泳連結。
Yahoo! 雅虎香港



Web Site Description Web Site Description
悠泳——游泳世界首页 悠泳—游泳世界是一個廣州游泳網站 FINA 國際業餘游泳聯會網頁
 USA Swimming Logo USA Swimming Official Site Swim2000: The Online Swimming Super Store Swim 2000 可郵購 swimming gear
Swim Information 美國游泳網頁,可郵購 Zoomer SwimNews Online 美國游泳網頁
Planet Swim 美國游泳網頁 Australian Swimming
Swim.net Fundraising Swimmer Network

Queensland Swimming Association Inc.

Computer 電腦 Description

Palm Pilot Palm Pilot official site


Sony CLIE' N760c Equipped with 16 bit colors high resolution 320 x 320 display, it is very useful to me. I use Clie to plan, organize and record my daily training.

Ensemble Studios Ensemble Studios - The developer of the rewards-winning real time strategy game Age of Empires. I play the game every week.

Welcome to AMD Welcome to AMD - the fastest CPU in x86. My computer is equipped with AMD Athlon 850Mhz CPU.